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The New Committee Comprises Key Leaders of the Successful Inaugural WA Games Week. We're committed to making the 2025 event even more impactful, skipping 2024 to focus on this grand vision.

Advocacy for the WA Games Industry.

We offer expert-level technical and artistic demonstrations, aimed at elevating mid-career talent in the gaming industry.

This event is an opportunity for the public to playtest the latest offerings from the indie game community and provides an opportunity for developers to receiving important playtesting feedback. Fostering connections among developers and enthusiasts alike.

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Upskilling Workshops & Events

In 2024, we're hosting three days of intensive workshops, talks, and panels covering a range of topics from game studio business skills, new game technologies, to marketing for indie developers.

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Industry Database (Coming Soon)

Our new membership model allows us to build out an industry database with live reporting to monitor needs and growth of the industry.