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Our Mission

Promoting Local Talent and Products

We're at the forefront of highlighting the region's expertise and achievements in gaming. Our goal isto showcase the remarkable capabilities of Western Australia as a significant player in thegaming world.

Elevating Western Australia's Gaming Industry

We believe in the power of collaboration andcommunity. Our initiatives in networking, knowledge exchange, mentorship, and crosssector partnerships are designed to sustain andstrengthen the gaming industry in Western Australia.

Strengthening the Industry's Foundations

Our aim is to make Western Australia a central hubfor game development in Australia. We actively promote games developed in WA, highlighting the value and creativity of our local developers.

Events & Activities

In addition to the annual centrepeice event, WA Games Week (returning in 2025, see FAQ), WAGIC runs playtesting events and talks series while supporting affiliate and partner events throughout the year.

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Member Portal (Coming Soon)

As a key tool to centralise resources and information about the local industry, WAGIC maintains a comprehensive web portal that captures a range of data from studios, individuals and the current state of the industry.


To assist in the efficient spread of important information, WAGIC collects news from pertinent sources to curate a newsfeed relevant to the WA games industry for its members.

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From the Community..

WAGIC is the cornerstone of the Western Australian Games Community and provides endless support and opportunities for local developers to communicate, attend events and share their game development journey.

Mark Smith
Screenwest Digital Games Manager and Solo Developer

WAGIC has been an incredible resource for me as a developer by not only connecting to a community of like minded people, but also sharing knowledge, celebrating achievements, and educating me through the tough field of game development.

Michael Pearce
Lead Developer at Tinyware Games

WAGIC plays an important role in the development and promotion of the WA indie games scene in a state that punches above its weight.

Lee Kennedy
Studio Kraze

Frequently asked questions

How can I access the member portal?

The Portal is currently being built and will be revealed soon!

Why do you charge for access to extra features?

The pricing for our membership options allow us to maintain crucial infrastructure like this very website, run amazing events and continue to advocate for the kinds of support we need in our Industry!

Why are you no longer Let's Make Games?

Let's Make Games has been a staple in the Perth community for over 15 years, and in that time our local Industry has changed immensely. In order to keep with the times, and push our renewed focus, we rebranded to WA Games Industry Council (WAGIC) in early 2024. This new name will allow us to better represent the entire WA Games community and push for the kind of integral support our growing Industry needs!

Why isn't WA Games Week running in 2024?

Venue availability - Our plan was always to join forces with Pixel Expo for the Game Expo part of the week but the only availabilities of the PCEC fall on weekends that most of the industry will be heading to 2 of the biggest game expos of the year.

We want to see Pixel still be able to run their well-established event so they will be going ahead as planned but for the Game Industry people, we will be focusing 2024 on building the community and the industry so when we come back in 2025 it’s bigger and better and everyone is well prepared to get the most out of it.

We recognise that the WA Games Industry needs more support throughout the whole year, not just during 1 week.